Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Delta Motion Hip Surgery Patient Letter from Missouri USA

Hi Moe and all you wonderful Healthbase people,

Attached is the letter regarding my experience with Healthbase and hip surgeries. I would be happy to talk to anyone who contacts you about having surgery through Healthbase.

Blessings to you all,
Paul S
In December 2011 my hip pain became so severe that I had to do something. At that point I could only "walk" using canes or a rollator. Medications to treat the pain were a joke. In my desperation I started researching medical tourism companies and found Healthbase and Moe. Out of the several companies that I contacted, Moe was the only person willing to help me decide what to do about my hips. At one critical juncture I had to tell Moe that I couldn`t go through with a surgery and would have to wait. He understood and said Healthbase would still be there to help me when I was ready. All the other companies dropped me like a hot rock when the prospect of receiving money disappeared.

The second thing that impressed me about Healthbase is the connections they have with Doctors in many parts of the world and especially in India. Moe suggested Dr. Vijay C. Bose at Apollo Specialty Hospital In Chennai, India. Of course, I checked out Dr. Bose as best as I could. They had several videos that were quite helpful to me in vetting Dr. Bose and in understanding hip implant surgery and what to expect. I would watch a video and call Moe to ask questions. Moe always returned my calls and always had thoughtful answers to my questions; answers that were concerned about my concerns and never about money.

In April 2012 the money for the procedure was wired to the Healthbase account. The wire transfer was made with complete peace of mind after talking to the Vice President of the bank and receiving a glowing recommendation of Healthbase. All we had to do was fly to India and Moe took care of the rest. There were no money surprises at the Hospital or the Ideal Beach Resort. All funds were transferred without problem to who needed to be paid. Even the smallest details were exactly as Moe said they would be. I had complete peace of mind knowing that Moe took care of the details and all I had to do was focus on my surgeries and recovery.

I had both of my hips replaced with the Delta Motion large cup implants. These are ceramic on ceramic state of the art implants that are not yet available in the USA. The surgeries were done one week apart and both procedures went without any complications. Dr. Bose is a fantastic surgeon and I would do this over again in a heartbeat. I will also say that I didn`t have to have any blood transfusions because of the skill of Dr. Bose and that having two major surgeries one week apart was a real challenge.

As I write this, I am coming up on 12 weeks post bilateral surgery. I started driving my standard transmission truck at 5 weeks and riding my bicycle at 6 weeks. I threw away my arm crutches at 6 weeks and can walk a half a mile without aids. I usually ride my bicycle at least 3.5 miles a day up to 7 miles on occasion with no problems. My goal is to ride my bicycle 40 to 50 miles per day by this time next year. The muscle tone in my legs is coming back after 4 years of very little walking!  Praise God!

I would encourage anyone suffering osteoarthritis of the hips to contact Moe at Healthbase and start your process to regain your health and life. FYI I am now 63 years young. If you would like to talk to me or e-mail me about any specifics I would be happy to respond. Ask Healthbase for my contact information.

Blessings to you all,
Paul S

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Healthbase customer: From Indiana to India: Dyer woman seeks health care abroad

Healthbase customer: From Indiana to India: Dyer woman seeks health care abroad

Healthbase customer talks to nwi times regarding her upcoming spine surgery medical travel:

In less than a week, Erin Tacke will fly 8,500 miles for surgery that could be done five minutes from her house. Stuck with an insurance plan that won't cover the procedure and without $100,000 handy to pay out of pocket, the 37-year-old Dyer woman will have a minimally invasive spinal fusion in Bangalore, India. "I feel really good about the decision," she said. "It's a little scary, but that's OK." The fear is quelled by hope that the ever-present pain, pinching and numbness will be gone in hours and that a healthier life will come after physical therapy. The married mother of two, who also is a breast cancer survivor, is among the growing number of people seeking cheaper medical treatment overseas. She arranged the surgery through medical tourism company Healthbase Online Inc.

Healthbase started with hospitals in five countries and now works with 21. The company links patients with doctors who offer medical, cosmetic and dental procedures. Facilities and doctors must meet local and international standards. The company does cost and doctor comparisons, and the patient chooses one.

Tacke had a conference call with her neurosurgeon, who often travels to the U.S. to give medical talks and even did his clinical fellowship at Wayne State University in Detroit. "It's not like I picked a name out of a hat," Tacke said. Tacke, who had a discectomy in 2007, is covered by her self-employed husband's insurance policy. But the discectomy — the surgical removal of herniated disc material that presses on a nerve root or the spinal cord — puts her in a "pre-existing condition" category. She signed a document stating medical treatment to her spine would not be covered. In 2009, the pain returned, and an MRI showed things had worsened. She tried cortisone shots and physical therapy, to no avail, and has leaned on narcotic painkillers and muscle relaxers since then.

She said going abroad for care is the best option for her. The 2010 major federal health care overhaul, often called Obamacare, does not fully take effect until 2014. "To be asked to hold on for two more years, it's not a way to live," she said.  Tacke said in the U.S. she would have paid up to $100,000, not including physical therapy, for her surgery. In India, it will cost $16,000, including the surgery, meals, airfare, transportation and the post-surgery hotel stay for her and her mother-in-law. The hospitals have a separate wing for international patients. The rooms have an extra bed for the patient's companion, as well as Internet access, TV and DVD player. Some people picture the impoverished parts of India when Tacke mentions her trip, but she is quick to show them websites for the modern hospital and upscale hotel where she will recover.

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