Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India

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Carol Wolske is one of the many uninsured and underinsured American patients who seek affordable health care abroad. She recently had Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery in India, arranged by http://www.healthbase.com. She talks about the wonderful experience she had with Healthbase.com and the quality of care she received at the world class hospital in India. The cost of surgical care abroad is typically a fraction of that found in the U.S., with equal or superior outcomes. A hip resurfacing surgery, for example, which costs over $40,000 in the US, costs only $7,500 in India. Even with travel expenses taken into account, the comprehensive treatment packages offered by http://www.healthbase.com provide a savings measured in thousands of dollars. Log on to http://www.healthbase.com, call 1-888-MY1-HLTH or email info.hb@healthbase.com for more information.

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