Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement

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Zimmer MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement is a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional hip replacement surgery. The minimally invasive surgery is done by making two small incisions about 1½ to 2 inches each to separate the muscles and tendons to access the hip joint as opposed to the traditional hip replacement surgery which typically involves a 10- to 12-inch incision and cutting of those tissues. For the MIS 2-Incision surgery, orthopedic surgeons trained in minimally invasive surgical techniques use specialized instruments to perform the surgery.

The MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement technique considerably reduces the recovery time as muscles and tendons around the hip joint are not generally cut as they are in the traditional hip replacement surgery. So there is less tissue trauma involved in this minimally invasive approach resulting in faster and less painful rehabilitation of the patient which in turn results in quicker return to work and daily activities. Also, because smaller incisions are made, the surgery leaves smaller scars. Other benefits of this surgery are shorter hosptial stay and reduced blood loss compared to traditional hip replacement surgery.

Performance-wise, the hip replaced through MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement performs the same as that through the traditinal approach. Also, the replacement hip - comprised of a stem, ball and socket - is the same high quality, clinically proven prosthesis that is used in traditional surgery.

Anybody who is a right candidate for traditional hip replacement surgery is also a right candidate for MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement except those who are extremely overweight, are very muscular, have recently had a blood clot or an unstable medication that places them at higher risk for complications, or those who have already had hip replacement surgery on the same hip.

Read here for information about a more bone-conserving approach to hip replacement called Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery or BHR.

Cost and Availability of MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement
In the US, MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement surgery can be very costly. If you are uninsured or underinsured then this could translate into a substantial out-of-pocket expense for your orthopedic treatment.

Healthbase offers a large network of international partner hospitals which offer the best MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement surgery overseas at an affordable price.

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