Thursday, May 16, 2013

ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus Repair Medical Tourism Patient Testimonial

We received the following feedback from our customer from AZ state who traveled to India for his knee ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery. His post-op recovery is going very well. He likes to share his experience. Healthbase facilitated his medical tourism trip.

Dear Sara and everyone at Healthbase,
    I'm sorry for the late response, I forgot about replying back to this email as I was focused on getting healthy. I want to say that I greatly appreciate everything your team has done for me. From the first time I talked to Sara to the final time I talked to her I had a great experience. She helped me greatly and I know for a fact that she went above and beyond to help me out. She was in contact with numerous hospitals and doctors in order to get me the best quality and best price available. I know for a fact that I could not have gotten a better price and service than I did with you guys. Throughout the entire process I was informed with everything that was going on. I got to India and as soon as I got in the taxi I had contact with Sara. I spoke to Sara soon after my surgery was finished so that she could check up on my status. I really appreciated that. If I had any issues I had Prasanth there in India at Apollo hospital that took care of everything. I never had anything to worry about. The entire process went well and I would recommend Healthbase to anyone. As a matter of fact I have been spreading the word about Healthbase and I would openly accept for anyone to contact me to hear my experience. I know that having someone to talk to who had recently returned from India for surgery using Healthbase helped me and gave me peace of mind considering I was going across the world alone for surgery. The S hotel where I stayed was very nice and everyone there helped me greatly as I was on crutches and alone and was limited to certain things. The food was great and the conditions were better than I expected. The taxi drivers always knew where to take me and were on time whenever I needed to go somewhere. I had a final check up with Dr. Pai a day before I left and I was given clear instructions on what I needed to do and a clearance to fly before I left. I got home safely. All in all I had a great experience and appreciate everything Healthbase did for me. I can now get healthy again and i'm excited about that. Thank you so much Sara, Prasanth, Dr.Pai, and everyone at Healthbase.

Emanuel O, AZ.