Sunday, November 26, 2006

Free Recycle

As part of our efforts to make medical care more accessible, we have developed an open medical items recycle, called Free Recycle. New medical equipment can be prohibitively expensive for many patients and our Free Recycle provides an opportunity for the members to get any used medical items they are in need.

Healthbase's Free Recycle program allows individuals to donate any extra or unneeded medical equipment, accessories and related items such as books, videos to other members. Alternatively, our members can receive medical equipment for free through this program. The cost of shipping is paid by the recipient but the cost savings easily outweigh delivery expenses in most cases. Examples of medical items you might find on our portal include wheelchairs, monitoring kits, retractable beds, medical books, magazines, videos and exercise machines. There is no requirement that members must donate supplies in order to receive equipment.

Receiving the items for commercial purposes or any illegal activities are strictly prohibited. Use of Free Recycle is subject to our terms and conditions.

When items are posted at Free Recycle it may get picked up by the needed member quickly. We advise members in need of medical supplies to check the portal frequently to make sure they don't miss out.

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