Monday, November 27, 2006

What is medcial tourism?

Medical tourism is the act of traveling to other coutries to obtain medical, dental or cosmetic care. A combination of many factors has lead to the recent increase in popularity of medical tourism: high costs of healthcare in industrialized nations, waiting list, ease and affordability of international travel, improving technology and standards of care in many countries of the world.

Healthbase is the trusted source for global medical choices, connecting patients to leading healthcare facilities overseas. Healthbase's high-tech, information rich web-based system helps you research and arrange your medical care including necessary travel and accommodation, all at one place. We arrange first class services for patients at major internationally accredited hospitals in Singapore, Thailand and India. The cost of surgical care at our ever growing network of affiliated institutions is typically a fraction of the cost of care in the U.S. with equal or superior outcomes.

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