Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why Healthbase?

Healthbase is a provider-of-choice for medical tourists world-wide. We have developed the industry's most sophisticated and comprehensive web portal
where consumers can arrange medical care from start to finish. In addition to our one-stop service offerings, we strive to provide world-class care along several dimensions:

  • Quality:
    Our primary concern at Healthbase has always been quality of care. We have sent experts onsite to carefully screen hospitals based on the quality of care, procedural availability, pricing, and overall patient experience.

    We only work with hospitals that maintain best practice standards of care, such as JCI/JCAHO accreditation, so you can be sure that you will receive world-class treatment. Healthbase continually monitors and re-evaluates our partner hospital network through patient feedback, research, and onsite visits.

    Healthbase works to ensure that the experience itself, from the quality of nurses and standards of hygiene to post-treatment recovery services, is exceptional. Our partner hospitals offer immaculate facilities. Patients can expect deluxe rooms, delicious food, internet access, no wait-lists and excellent registered nurse coverage. Our continued success depends entirely upon our reputation for world-class surgical services.

  • Cost:
    Healthbase offers outstanding surgical services at 60-80% less than prevailing U.S. rates. Even with travel expenses taken into account, our comprehensive packages still
    provide a savings measured in the thousands of dollars for major procedures.

  • Travel opportunities:
    While the primary motivation for most customers is affordable surgery, the opportunity to visit exotic destinations like Thailand is an additional draw for some of our customers. Many customers spend a few days sightseeing before or after their procedure.

  • Immediate service:
    When your health is at stake, wait-lists are not an option. Our hospital partners will work with your schedule and timeframe to ensure quick access to care. Through Healthbase's sophisticated online quote system, your medical records will be made accessible to the hospitals of your choice instantly and hence will be able to get your medical quote within two business days in most cases.

  • Convenience:
    With our industry's most sophisticated and comprehensive web portal, consumers can arrange medical care from start to finish. Our one-stop service offerings are just one of the ways we strive to provide world-class care.

To learn more and to get your personalized quote, visit: Healthbase website. Access is free.